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The Next Airbender

More energy through dynamic control over the wind flow inside an offshore wind farm

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Let’s execute

Offshore wind and the winning tickets for the coming years

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Install, Load, Repeat

Meet the team who loves spinning around monopiles

Power Up! Improving wind measurements to optimise power performance.
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Power up!

Improving wind measurements to optimise power performance

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Twist and shake it fast!

Driving a monopile into the ground faster, cheaper and with less noise

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Millions of collisions at 300 km/h - Ouch!

How to prevent damage to rotor blades

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It’s like connecting steel tubes with duct tape

How to combine the best features of steel and composites in large structures.

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Wind and salty water: corrosion and fatigue. Not so fast!

Steel does not “react that optimal” to offshore conditions that cause degradation.

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The double bubble keeping sea life out of trouble

Fascinating how bubbles can protect sea life and improve the sustainability of the ocean.